The Gypsy Rose Spa

“We love your suds!! There is nothing like a sweet sudsy Margarita in the shower to start the day off right! It's hard to pick a favorite because they are all so good! We are all totally hooked on Scrumptious Suds!!”


Jen of Mimi Muse Designs

“My husband and I have been using Scrumptious Suds now for almost a year and we refuse to buy any other soap- we are hooked! Not only does the soap make my skin feels silkier than ever before, but it makes my whole bathroom smell amazing! I can't wait to open each bar of delicious soap which is like a little dessert or a fancy drink! We have given various bars as gifts to friends and family and they all love it- they can't get enough!! It's a perfect, affordable birthday or Christmas gift! Our favorites are Mojito, Memphis Sweet Tea, Bebida de Primavera, and Southern Strawberry Shortcake but I really love them all! Thanks to Scrumptious Suds for creating the perfect yummy soap I have been searching for!& rdquo;



“Every time I decide that a particular flavor is my new favorite flavor, you come up with another wonderful flavor that is my new favorite.  Right now, I can't decide between Bebida de Primavera and your Mojito.  WOW, they are both so wonderful.  I have given my Aunt some of your soap, and she just raves about how much she loves it.  It is such a wonderful easy gift.  Thank you for your great Scrumptious Suds flavors!”

Pasha of Pasha Productions

“I was a dirty girl until Scrumptious Suds cleaned me up real nice like....”


Maria of PDX Magazine and Perry Star

“Thanks to Scrumptious Suds Bebida de Primavera and Sweet Margarita, my boyfriend and I cannot resist devouring each other every day and night! Thanks Scrumptious Suds!"

Evette of WACK Salon

“I had the honor to try the Sweet Margarita soap, it was amazingly invigorating. The scent was clean, not too strong. I love that both sides had different textures for exfoliating and a soft smooth feeling on the other. Thanks for the product I can always use some more suds.  Cheers Jackie for your wonderful product..”

Celeste of Loot Jewelry

"After trying Scrumptious Suds, I will never go back to plain old soap! These soaps are sudsy and luxurious, but at a reasonable cost. They will also be a huge part of my holiday shopping this year. My favorite is the Southern Strawberry Shortcake-yummy!"