About Me

When I was a child, my Grandmother Mom-Mom and Grandfather Pop-Pop and I used to sit for hours and craft on various projects. Since then, I've always handcrafted gifts for friends and family. When the holiday season rolled around in 2006, I found myself short on time and ideas.

On a tip from a friend at work, I quickly learned the melt-and-pour method of soap making. The process was a bit shaky at first, but inspired by the reception from friends and co-workers, I kept developing my skills and ideas. I absolutely love to bake! I make a killer apple pie! I also love cocktails! So, I thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice to have Southern Strawberry Shortcake, a Cosmopolitan, or Mojito scent while bathing?! Thus Scrumptious Suds burst forth in craft shows and small boutiques and salons. And I must say, they've made quite a splash in Portland and beyond.

Originally from Washington D.C., I ventured across the U.S. through ski towns and cobblestone streets, to find myself in lovely Portland, where I've enjoyed the natural beauty and fulfilling friendships since 1999. Portland seems to be a magnet for creative, crafty, and artistic people. These ventures into the crafting community led me to become a PDX Etsy Street Team member and co-founder of Handmade NW (www.handmadenw.com).

As of 2007, I have been spending my year part time in Park City, UT making and selling my Scrumptious Suds at various markets and working at The Canyons Ski Resort during the winter season.

I absolutely LOVE making bath and body products, and I think you'll just eat up some of my Scrumptious Suds soaps. Not literally, of course...