About Scrumptious Suds™

Founded in 2005, Scrumptious Suds is a delicious line of bath and body treats, handcrafted in Portland, Oregon and Park City, UT.

Inspired by favorite desert and cocktail recipes and crafted from natural and local ingredients. These unique and one of a kind artisan soaps and other body treats blend the best essential oils, seeds, citrus peels, and spices to promote a healthy diet for those hungry seeking a refreshing bath and body spa experience!

A full-time, one-woman operation, Scrumptious Suds has a substantial and dedicated customer base!

Dependent on the season, current flavors of gently-fragranced vegetable glycerin soaps include: Bebida de Primavera, Coconut Mango Thai Martini, Strawberry Kumquat Caipirinha, Portland Chai Tea*, Citrus Verbena Mint Martini, Gin and Tonic, Mojito, Turkish Mocha, Lavender Martini, Ninkasi Otis Oatmeal Stout, Tea Tree, Sweet Margarita, Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, Oregon Marionberry Cobbler, Almond Biscotti, Park City Martini and many more! view photos and descriptions

Summertime is right for a Scrumptious Suds Mojito! One of our best sellers! The fall calls for a Portland Chai Tea, which will beat the chill of winter and spring will bring about the sweetness of Bebida de Primavera (Spring Beverage)!

Most commercially based soap manufacturers remove the glycerin content when making a large soap batch (250,000 lbs. or more). To make more money, they sell the glycerin separately to cosmetic companies at a much higher price. Also, synthetics and detergents are widely used in this commercial process. Glycerin is a natural by-product of the soap making process and it is considered a humectrant. Humectants draw moisture from the air, thus making it especially important for attracting moisture to the skin. Glycerin is what gives a handcrafted soap the silky soft feel on the skin. This silky-smooth feeling is lost in the commercial soap making process.

Scrumptious Suds uses a melt and pour process. We start with a pre-made glycerin base and include additives for scent and exfoliation purposes.  Ninety-five percent of these additives are derived from botanical or natural sources. Although most scents are from natural oils, some include safe for the body, fragrances oils. This is due to the fact that certain scents are unavailable in an essential oil.

The largest batch of soap that Scrumptious Suds makes is an 18 bar batch. We then allow for individual drying time and cut each bar by hand. This enables us to have complete control over the quality and attention that is given to each bar.  This is also lost in a commercially made batch.

*Note, soap base is vegan but honey is added to the Portland Chai Tea. Honey is added in keeping with a traditional Portland Chai Tea recipe.

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